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Distributeur de liquide mural à pression manuelle

White ABS plastic construction
Push button convenience,pump pre-measures correct amount each time
Wall mounted, lockable and theft deterred
Novcl design, suitable for decoration
Capacity: 360mL
Dose: 1mL
Packing Size : 535×367×420mm
Unit weight: 0.25kg
CTN QTY.: ( 48pcs) 14.6kg
CTNS of 20'FT: 15840pcs (330 CTNS)
État de disponibilité:
  • ZYQ36


Product Description
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Press Soap Dispenser

The Press Soap Dispenser is a hand-held device that dispenses soap in one of three ways: liquid, powder, or foam. It can be manually operated with a handle or automatically activated using a sensor that detects motion beneath the nozzle. Some automatic dispensers can also be equipped with a timer to signal when the user has washed their hands for the correct amount of time. Soap dispensers are commonly found in public toilets and in some hospitals.

The Easy-Press Soap Dispenser is easy to use with a single large pump button for easy pressing. It squirts hand soap, lotion or dish soap easily onto a sponge or directly into the sink. It's perfect for all the family and can be installed in a variety of wall mounting options.

Manual Soap Dispenser

Manual soap dispensers dispense liquid hand soap via a pump. These dispensers can be mounted on the wall in restrooms, office kitchens, or other places near sinks or stations for easy access during handwashing. They have infrared sensors that detect hands and release a premeasured amount of hand soap, and users step on the foot-operated pump pedal to avoid touching the handle or opening with their hands.Manual Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers come in several different types, including automatic, wall-mounted, and counter-mounted. They're a popular choice for commercial bathrooms and public washrooms, as they save sink-side space by attaching to a nearby wall.

Soap capacity is a measure of the amount of liquid soap a dispenser can hold before it needs to be refilled. Larger households may need a larger dispenser to save on refills.

Dispensers can come in a variety of materials, from plastic to stainless steel to glass. Some models feature a sleek, contemporary look for added appeal. Others come in a more traditional style.

The best automatic dispensers have sensors that can sense your hands, allowing them to dispense soap without touching the nozzle. Some use simple infrared sensors, while others take it one step further with volume-control sensors that adjust the amount of soap dispensed based on how close or far your hand is from the dispenser.Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

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